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covid 19 impact on architecture

Impact of COVID-19 on Architectural Practice in Nigeria | IMPACT ANALYSIS SURVEY

A month or two ago we looked at COVID-19 as this distant virus spreading through foreign countries. That picture has changed. So far, we have recorded confirmed cases, deaths and recoveries within Nigeria. This quick spreading pandemic also came with sweeping changes to everyday Life as we know it. Changes to Social interaction, freedom of movement and personal hygiene. Like the rest of the world, we have had to react with restriction of movement, social distancing, limits to public gatherings and even complete lock down in the worst affected states.

Everyday Life as we know it has been interrupted, and architectural practices within the country haven’t been spared. How are architects coping with these restrictions and what are the challenges we face in keeping our practices running albeit temporarily during this period? How effective is working from home? How much interruption has this Pandemic brought to your Practice?

This survey is intended to find answers to these questions so we can look at positive steps to take in order to survive this period.

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  1. Chris Uloko

    The lockdown has definitely affected my practice. Most clients are currently hanging on to their resources by suspending payments.
    Fortunately for me I recently included training to my products and that seems to be paying off this period. I currently have request for online from 2 sources and believe this may increase as the lockdown intensifies

  2. Arc Agbu Dan-Azumi Adashu

    The pandemic has actually affected my practice greatly. Presentation of sketch designs to my clients where verbal explanation is required be a challenge be I had to do so phone after converting the drawings into Pdf and email to them. I was not able to visit site for the spot analysis before designs. All construction work came to a halt because of finance and ease to access construction materials due to interstate lockdown. It’s quite challenging but I am trying to
    make ends meet through designs.

    1. Dr E.O. Ola-Adisa

      Very well put. Sorry for the late response. Your message was hidden between almost 2000 spam messages 😔

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