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Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the more self-confidence you will have. – Brian Tracy

The things that first year architects need from “101 things I learned in architecture school”. They include: A good set of drawing pens, A good set drawing of pencils……

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Archy Naija

A blog that covers Architectural Journalism in Nigeria and World Construction Industry.

Nigerian Architecture Blog

Nigerian Architecture Blog


Archccess helps young and intermediate Architects, students, and everyone with an interest in architecture by providing up-to-date information.

Chronos Studeos

Chronos Studeos is The Complete Creative Team of Architects & 3D Visualizers. With Custom-designed Buildings & Presentations,

Diary Of A Nigerian Architect

Diary Of A Nigerian Architect by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu

Architecture Nigeria

Architecture Nigeria provides information on notable buildings in Nigeria as well as articles and news that would enrich the practice of Architecture in Nigeria and beyond.

Click Here | A 161-Year-Old National Monument Destroyed In Lagos - Kombini

On the 5th of April 1956, the Ilojo Bar (formerly know as the Casa do Fernandez) which was sold to the Olaiya patriarch, Alfred Omolana Olaiya in 1933, was declared a national monument by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM).

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These Images Of Colonial Buildings In Nigeria Are Why We Need To Protect Our History

Click Here | World Heritage Earthen Architecture Programme (WHEAP) - UNESCO

Earthen architecture is one of the most original and powerful expressions of our ability to create a built environment with readily available resources.